Installing a development version

To install a development version of the library:

$ python develop

Run tests

To run the basic unit tests:

$ python -m pytest

To run the full set of tests with syntax highlighting, doctests and coverage:

$ python -m pytest -v --cov=nbchkr --cov-fail-under=100 --flake8 --doctest-glob='*.rst

To run static type checking:

$ python -m mypy src/

To run the doctest coverage checker:

$ python -m interrogate -e -e tets/ -M -i -v -f 100

Style formatting

To the automatic style formatter black:

$ python -m black .

To run the import sorting formatter isort:

$ python -m isort src/nbchkr/.

Build the documentation

To build the documentation:

$ cd docs
$ make html

Git branching

The most up to date branch that all new features should be branched from is dev.

New releases are tagged.