solve an assignment

You can solve an assignment in 1 or 2 ways:

  1. Using the command line tool.

  2. Using nbchkr as a library.

Using the command line tool

Given a source assignment main.ipynb:

$ nbchkr solve --source main.ipynb --output solution.ipynb

This creates solution.ipynb with relevant cells removed which can then be distributed to students.

Using nbchkr as a library

All of nbchkr’s functionality is exposed to the user as a library.

Importing the relevant libraries:

>>> import pathlib
>>> import re
>>> import nbchkr.utils

Reading in the source notebook main.ipynb and removing relevant cells. We here use a regex that matches nothing for the solutions (as we want them to stay in place):

>>> nb_path = pathlib.Path("main.ipynb")
>>> solution_regex = re.compile('$^')
>>> nb_node =
>>> student_nb = nbchkr.utils.remove_cells(nb_node=nb_node, solution_regex=solution_regex)

Writing the assignment notebooks assignment.ipynb:

>>> output_path = pathlib.Path("solution.ipynb")
>>> nbchkr.utils.write(output_path=output_path, nb_node=nb_node)